Wednesday, March 26, 2014

April Creative Cards - Easel Card

I've been wanting to make these easel cards for awhile now - I just love the idea of making a card look like a piece of art!  This workshop is all about learning how to make these fun and simple cards, as well as discovering new paper piecing techniques.

April's card workshop kit comes pre-cut (mail order kits are pre-stamped) and contains envelopes, embellishments and instructions for making four cards. The kit is $8 if you are attending the class or picking up your kit. For mail-order kits, $4 is added for shipping. 

Please contact me no later than April 6th if you would like to join us for the class on April 24th at 6:30pm. 

Click on "Kits for Sale" tab to purchase

Supplies Used:

Inks - Sorbet, Cotton Candy, Juniper, Lagoon, Pear, and Cocoa
Additional Cardstock - Lagoon, Sorbet and Cocoa

Funky Blossoms Stamp Set
Flamingo Dots


Jean Wortham said...
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Jean Wortham said...

OMG! Morgan, these cards are amazing! I don't know how you do it, where your get your ideas or how you can sleep at night with all of the colors dancing in your head, but you are the bomb when it comes to coming up with beautiful additions to your workshops. Count me in as one of your craftmates!!! Even though I may not be able to be there in person until after my annual craziness ends, I will be there in spirit... soaking up your inspiration.

Morgan Vogt said...

Jean - thank you so much! I get my inspiration everywhere - including from a certain someone who's been putting together color palettes for me. :) I know I and the rest of the group are looking forward to having you back at workshops!

Amy said...

Super cute. I really really LOVE easle cards.

Jacqueline Lehnertz said...

These cards do look amazing, and I love the colors. The easel style is very fun and cute. I only opted not to do the workshop, because I so badly wanted to do the other workshops and needed to draw a line somewhere ;-). It was a decision I struggled with.

Janice Zakis said...

Love these! Can't wait to make them. The colors and the layouts are so fresh. They just scream Spring!

Morgan Vogt said...

Jackie - I understand; there's only so much time. Perhaps when we have a Bolingbrook workshop you can do these then.

Morgan Vogt said...

Janice - that was THE best part about making these cards; the colors made me feel so bright and happy. :)