Monday, March 10, 2014

Relax With Distressing

I love using distressing techniques because there is no better way of hiding imperfections (or of turning a mistake into an intentional design element). 
Plus they're fun.

This layout is about this awesome party my parents have every year called Ribfest (I'm sure you can guess what the main course is). To add some pizzazz to the layout, I used 5 different distressing techniques (because why not?)

One, the edges are rough. Our cardstock has a white core, so when you use a nifty tool like an edge distresser, you can get a really cool frayed look. Two and three, all edges are inked and the cardstock has smudges. I used a sponge dauber to swipe ink along the edges and to add some smears on the paper for a more vintage look (and what a great way to hide any ink stains from stamping or excess glue!)

Four, sanding - with the white core, a sanding block can really add some texture to cardstock. And five, I sewed along the edges. This can be done with a sewing machine, or a piercing guide and some needle and thread. I love how this pulls all the pieces together. 

Want to get this shabby chic look? Try using some or all of these tools:

Edge Distresser
Piercing Tool Kit
Ruler with Piercing Guide
Sanding Kit
Sponge Daubers
Distressing Inks

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