Friday, April 4, 2014

Make It Easy, Make It From Your Heart

Here's a fun tidbit - I don't design my page layouts; I use patterns. Ever since I started scrapbooking in 2004 I've always looked to magazines and books to help me get started (back then, I was big on Becky Higgins' sketches). I think people often downplay copying a layout pattern, but I've actually found it to be the best teacher - everything I know about visual design comes from following what others have done. Plus, it leaves more time to play with color and patterns, embellishments and textures, and to try new techniques. 

This layout pattern came from Make It From Your Heart Volume 1 - it's actually a two-page layout, but I only needed one page, so I chose the side with four photo areas. Page templates are awesome because you can flip them, reverse them, or just pick one side. 

Here's another fun tidbit - brown/tan and gray/black are neutrals - so you can use them together and Stacy and Clinton will not come after you (and if there were hosts for a show called "What Not to Scrap", they wouldn't come after you either). The more you know...

Supplies Used:
B&T Paper - Sparkle & Shine (retired)
Cardstock - Kraft, Whisper and Juniper
Other Paper - Silver Glitter Paper
Embellishments - Sparkle & Shine Compliments (retired), Sparkle & Shine Assortment (retired), Keyboard Kraft Alphabet and Silver Shimmer Trim
Cricut Cartridge - Artbooking

Make It From Your Heart Volume 1


Amy said...

This is exactly how I scrapbook too. It gives me a base idea and from there I can change up anything I want.

Jean Wortham said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE following "page maps"! The page maps available from many moons ago can still be used even if the embellishments and colors have changed. I especially love the maps from CTMH! Cutting guides? What a way to get the most of your papers!!! I dare you to do 3 pages using the same map, flip and flop the map and you'll never know it's the same map...

Morgan Vogt said...

Jean - I know, it's one of my favorite things CTMH does. There are some maps I've used over and over, but I can always get them to look different just by making a few tweaks.

Lynn said...

Beautiful blog! I love our Make It From the Heart books too!