Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Free To Be Me Card In A Box

I have been wanting to make a card in a box for awhile now, and I knew it was finally my time when I got my hands on the Free To Be Me paper pack and Feathers stamp set. The vision was there - a box exploding with feathers and a cute little bird making some adorable statement. And voila! Here it is:

The box itself is surprisingly easy to make (side note - who comes up with these things? I imagine there's this one crazy woman who spends all day cutting and folding paper into these designs. If you exist, thank you crazy lady). I used some of my Free To Be Me paper pack, Feathers stamp set, Base & Bling Teal Jewels and an awesome retired stamp set called Life is Tweet, which I should be using on everything.

I actually hadn't realized how small these boxes are - they seem so big in the photos. But it's meant to flatten so it can fit into a regular sized envelope. So cool. 

Card boxes exploding with feathers can be yours, too, with this awesome May special. Click here to check it out.


Myztique said...

I thought I had already left a comment. But it isn't showing up.

As usual, your creativity astounds me. This is so much fun! Great job!!

Jean Wortham said...

You're gonna have a class on how to make these fab cards, right???

Morgan Vogt said...

Jean - I'm thinking about it. :)