Friday, July 11, 2014

More on Cricut Explore

I've been spending a lot of time playing with my Cricut Explore, and I'm excited to share some of the awesome things I've learned. Although the original problems I posted about are still a concern, I've found some ways around those issues.

First, the Explore lives up to all the hype when it comes to cutting. Circles are perfect and intricate shapes (no matter how small) are not a problem. This is how the Cricut should have been cutting all along. The machine works like a dream.

Second, Design Space is an incredible piece of software. True, it doesn't bridge the gap between cartridges and images as well as it should, but once you get beyond the search issues, the software itself is amazing. It makes creating projects easy - you can make an entire project, layers and all, on one page. Craft Room requires you to keep adding in layers separately, and it can be cumbersome when trying to make a project. There's also a lot more flexibility with sizing, welding, and image placement. Plus, the machine has a score tool, so you can add score lines wherever you want. 

*Side note to those of you with Close To My Heart's Art Philosophy, Artiste and Artbooking cartridges - on the older machines, scoring wasn't possible, so a notch was cut on any areas that needed to be scored and folded. The Explore automatically converts those notch lines into score lines, so when you use these cartridges to create boxes, cards or any other folded projects, you get score lines without having to do anything. It makes the projects crisper and neater*

Now, in regards to finding specific images. All images in Design Space have an image number, which doesn't correspond to the cartridge manual. Bummer. But, the Non-Crafty Crafter took the time to create a PDF file with the image numbers matched to their corresponding image. She only has a few, but for CTMH fans, she has all three cartridges complete. So, if you want an easy way to find images on Design Space, click here (and thank Narelle while you're at it.)

So, if a new CTMH cartridge makes an appearance, I feel ready to get my Cricut creating mojo going. :)


Jacqueline Lehnertz said...

Thank you for taking the time time to do such a great and through review and keeping us all updated as you use this machine. Keep up the awesomeness! ;-)

Morgan Vogt said...

Jackie - you're welcome! I know when I'm thinking about buying some new toy, I like to find out everything I can before getting it, so I hope this helps people when they're making this decision.