Friday, August 29, 2014

New Color Layout - Glacier, Thistle and Flaxen

This is my last post introducing our new colors, and for this project, I focused on cool Glacier blue, lovely Thistle purple and soft Flaxen gold. I love this combination!

I used Chalk It Up paper as my base because even though of the three colors, only Flaxen is a part of the color combo, the black chalkboard pattern goes with pretty much anything! 

Chalk It Up Paper Pack
To add in some texture and dimension, I used both Glacier and Flaxen Paper Fundamentals (both from the Whimsy collection). 

Whimsy Paper Fundamentals
I got the Flaxen and Black Dimensional Elements from the Chalk It Up Complements. A great tip to get the most out of the Complements and Assortment that come with each paper pack - make sure to use at least one color in the collection's palette. That way you're sure to have some embellishments you can use, even if you're creating your own color combo!

Chalk It Up Complements
All the arrows come from the Artbooking cartridge, and for a finishing touch, I added some Silver Sequins. The stitching was done by a machine because there's nothing I love more than sewing on paper. :)

Artbooking Cartridge
Silver Sequins

What fun color combos will you make?


Jean Wortham said...

My favorite color combos are anything with green... I can't wait to start playing with the new colors and I'm thinking that Thistle, Lagoon & Black would make a powerful combo to try...

Morgan Vogt said...

Jean - I think you're right; Thistle, Lagoon and Black would look really sharp.

Jacqueline Lehnertz said...

This layout looks great, and I love the colors! But shouldn't you need my permission before posting pictures of me? These are from my awkward, well-fed stage. ;-)

Morgan Vogt said...

Jackie - LOL! What's the fun of social media if you can't post pictures of you and your friends' awkward phases? :)

Casandra Bennett said...

This is so pretty. I love the colors together.