Friday, August 8, 2014

Workshop Rewards Club

I love being able to share the hostess rewards from my monthly workshops, and I thought a workshop rewards club would be the perfect way to do this, especially for those of you wanting some extra craft time! Each month, you'll get the option to choose to make two 2-page layouts, a stack or cards, or even a fun bonus workshop! Whether you buy the kit long distance or come to one of my workshops in South Elgin or Bolingbrook, everything is pre-cut and ready for you to put together.

Every month, you will have the opportunity to choose your kit! Whether you choose the Basic, Better or Best kit, your projects will be beautiful!
  • You will place your order for your kit one month in advance.
  • The kit you order will count towards the Stamp of the Month and Monthly Special (before tax and shipping).

These are the kits you will have the opportunity to purchase. The embellishments vary in price, so each month the cost of the items may change (within a $5 range). The approximate cost is before tax and shipping:

Creative Cards (amount of cards will vary depending on technique being taught)
  • Basic Kit: Half a paper pack, card bases and envelopes, and embellishments (approximately $15)
  • Better Kit: Full paper pack, card bases and envelopes, and two sets of embellishments (approximately $23)
  • Best Kit: Better Kit plus stamp set (will range from $26-40 depending on stamp set)

Scrapbook Layouts (two 2-page layouts)
  • Basic Kit: Paper pack, Complements and Assortment (approximately $22)
  • Better Kit: Workshop on the Go (includes paper pack, Assortment, WOTG brochure, extra cardstock, extra embellishments and stamp set) and Complements (approximately $35)
  • Best Kit: Better Kit plus ink pad and 8 sheets cardstock (all the same color – a great way to build your ink and cardstock collection!) (approximately $45)
Workshop Rewards Club is a Hostess Rewards Club!
When you commit to the full ten months (September 2014 - June 2015), during one of those months you'll receive the hostess rewards. 
  • As a Hostess, you automatically start at $25 in Hostess Rewards as my way of saying thank you for the commitment. 
  • You will receive additional Hostess Rewards and potential half-priced items based on club sales and any outside orders you bring in (or if you decide to have a party!) As little as $100 in extra orders will give you $40 in Hostess Rewards and one half-priced item! I will help you out by posting an Online Gathering on my website so that your friends can easily order to support your hostess month.
  • You will also receive a free copy of the catalogs
  • Plus you'll get thank you gifts and other fun club perks
Are you long distance? No problem!
I will invoice you for the kit of your choice and ship it to you. Additional charges for long distance kits:
  • Shipping is based on the kit you buy as well as your zip code
  • If you would like the stamping completed, there is an additional $3 charge
South Elgin Creative Cards will be on the 2nd Saturday of the month and Scrapbook Layouts on the 2nd Sunday of the month. Bolingbrook workshop will be on the 2nd Thursday of the month.

Want to join? Simply email me at and let the rewards start!


Jean Wortham said...

Such a great way to add to your stash or better yet, get some of those "I can't really afford it" items at a discount or for free! I can't wait to find out which month I have so I can host a party to increase my haul!!!

Morgan Vogt said...

Jean - yes I was hoping this would be a good way to get people those items they really want (and to make sure they use their product each month! :)