Monday, September 29, 2014

Creative Blogger

I was so touched to be nominated as a Creative Blogger by my amazing upline, Brenda Rose. Brenda has the most inspiring blog, and it's her incredible talent and warmth that led me to her team! Make sure to visit her blog - you will learn so much and get many wonderful ideas! 

Creative Blogger is a chain of blog hop tours. You will get to meet new bloggers, gather loads of inspiration, and connect with blogs that will expand your creativity.

I have four questions to answer and then I will pass along my nomination:

What am I currently working on?

I am always working on one of my upcoming workshops - right now, it's my November Christmas cards and layouts. I need to stay a month ahead so I have something to show at my current workshops and parties! I'm also creating artwork using October's Stamp of the Month - I want to make sure that if I promote something, I've actually used it myself! And of course, since I just received my Artfully Sent cartridge, I'm making all sorts of fun projects using my Explore. I'll be showcasing all that fun Artfully Sent artwork throughout October!

What's great about all of this is it means I get plenty of cards made to send to people for birthdays and holidays, and I make sure to incorporate photos from current albums I'm working on so that when I'm done with a workshop, that layout goes straight into an album! Two birds, one stone. No actual harming of birds, though. :)

My drawers full of current projects

How does my work differ from others in its genre?

I think everyone creates differently, but for me, I know that my artwork is very much a patchwork of ideas I've found on the internet, in our Annual Inspirations idea book and in our how-to books. I love gathering ideas, designs and techniques and picking and choosing from among that pile to make my own creation. That's actually why I chose TweetScraps as my name - I feel like a bird picking up bits and pieces from all over to create a nest. Plus it sounded better than Bird Bits. :)

Why do I create what I do?

When I'm in the middle of creating a layout, a card or some other paper creation, my mind goes still, and all my focus is on what's in front of me. I'm not thinking about chores that need to be done, I'm not thinking about whether or not my business is succeeding, and I'm certainly not thinking about's coming next; I am just, for that moment, creating. As someone who's constantly thinking, thinking, thinking, having a way to get away from that is a gift. I've also always loved creating - whether it was drawing or painting when I was a child, writing stories when I was in high school or learning how to tell my own story through scrapbooking when I finished school, I've always been driven to create something new out of pieces of the world around me.

How does my creative process work?

I'll admit that I'm not great at creating from scratch - I need to see artwork that incorporates something I'm trying to work with, whether that's a stamp set, color palette or design. And then I take elements I like and mash them up with each other to create something new. I've always thought I felt a little bit like Andy from Pretty in Pink when she makes her prom dress from her friend's old prom dress and a dress her father got her. Only I hope my creations look better - I never was a fan of that dress. :)

Now, the fun part! I get to nominate an inspiring blogger!

I nominate Shelly Nemitz.

Shelly has a very awesome blog that highlights her unique way of doing workshops - her Pretty Pieces Cafe. I think her idea for setting it up like a restaurant is ingenious, and I know you'll love browsing her menu and seeing all her delectable creations.


Jacqueline Lehnertz said...

I love this post! Also, I agree with you on the Pretty in Pink dress. I'm always kind of sad that she ruins her friend's classically beautiful dress just to make that.

Morgan Vogt said...

Thank you! And yes, if you had done something like that to my old prom dress, I'd have smacked you, even if you are my friend and I was never going to wear the dress again. :)

Amy Ricker said...

haha fun post! Great to learn about your process. Can't wait to see your Artfully Sent projects.