Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September Stamp of the Month Cake Box

I thought it would be fun to try embossing the tree image from September's Stamp of the Month onto a 3-D project. After flipping through the Artiste cartridge images, I found a gift container that I think looks really pretty with the embossed tree - a cake box:

I used patterned paper from the Seaside paper pack, along with some Desert Sand cardstock. Both the cake box and rolled flowers come from the Artiste Cartridge

To emboss the tree image, I used white embossing powder and embossed the image onto the top of the cake box while it was flat. Once I was done embossing, I put the top together.

 I finished the box by adding some sparkle with Gold Shimmer Trim and a pop of color with Flamingo Dots.

This Stamp of the Month will only be available till the end of September. Get yours for $5 with any $50 purchase!


Brenda said...

Morgan, your fabulous ideas are endless!!! This is so beautiful and it is a gift in itself. You definitely inspire me!!!

Morgan Vogt said...

Brenda - thank you!

Jean Wortham said...

Did you have any issues putting the top together after embossing the image? I wouldn't want it to crack sideways or anything... geez, now I need to get embossing powder and a heat gun? Damn you, Morgan Vogt!

Morgan Vogt said...

Jean - no, there weren't any issues with putting the top together after I embossed the image. Though I did make sure to crease the top before I embossed so that putting everything together would be easier. And yes, it's all part of my evil master plan. :)