Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Cats (or a Very Fluffy Christmas)

Often in the layouts I post, you'll see that I have three adorable (and rather mischievous) cats. I thought it would be fun to share each of their stories with you, along with cute photos of them at Christmas "helping" out - because what's Christmas without a little bit of fluffiness? :)

Puddy (Part Siamese, Part Tabby)

After my husband and I first got married, we lived in a large apartment complex in New Mexico. One morning, a cat showed up on our doorstep, meowling to get in. We both had to leave for work, and though I hated to leave the cat there, I figured he'd find someone else in our complex. However, when I got home, he was still there. So, we took him in and had him checked out by the vet. He didn't have any life-threatening illnesses, but he did come to us with a limp that needed surgery and a respiratory infection. Thousands of dollars later, I realized there must have been a sign that said "Schmucks live here" above our door. But I couldn't image life without Puddy - he's the sweetest, most handsome cat (also the cockiest since he seems to know this. :) He was named after Elaine's boyfriend Puddy from Seinfeld ("Yeah, that's right.")

Elaine (Part Calico, Part Tabby)

Puddy is a very social cat and got lonely by himself in our apartment. So when we moved to our first house (again, still in New Mexico), we decided to get a female cat to keep him company. We went to PetSmart to adopt a Humane Society kitten, but instead were convinced by the nice lady at the store to get one-and-a-half year old Elaine. I'm so glad we did because Elaine and Puddy became the best of friends, and despite having a random crazy switch, she's one of the sweetest cats ever. Elaine was, of course, named after the character from Seinfeld. 

Newman (Tonkinese)

We actually had no plans for a third cat, but when a friend said she had found twin Siamese cats roaming the streets of our town in New Mexico and could only keep one, I had to check them out. Both were adorable, but we went with the one with less fluff (I'm actually allergic to cats) and decided on calling him Newman (see a trend?) The name is actually rather perfect because he's the most sneaky of our three cats. He's a total sweetheart, but he's also figured out that the way to get my husband up to feed him is to annoy me, which he does by pushing my books off my nightstand (the little sneak doesn't do this when I'm not around :). Newman is sort of the odd-cat out, but the three of them do play together. Plus he's such a cuddler that he gets lots of attention from Fred and I.

The Big Cat

I jokingly refer to my husband Fred as "The Big Cat" because the other cats follow him around the house and wait for him by the door when he comes home (which in my opinion, isn't very cat-like). Fred is very calm and can sit still for hours (unlike me), which is why they tend to also use him as a couch. But I don't mind too much being the second favorite - they also like to go to Fred when they're sick, so I can handle not being the go-to human. :)

To you and yours this holiday season - I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your time with your family, especially with your children both human and furry.

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Jacqueline Lehnertz said...

What a fun, adorable post! It was great hearing more about your cats. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!