Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sharing Your Passion with a Close To My Heart Gathering

I'll admit that before I was a consultant, I was kind of a bad hostess when I had parties. I tended to only invite the people I knew liked crafting, which meant my parties were small and most of my friends and family had no idea what scrapbooking was and why it was so important to me. 

When I became a consultant, I invited everyone I knew to my first parties, and that's when I finally figured it out - having a gathering is about sharing your passion, whether it's with people who already love what you love, or with people who have never tried it before.

I started off knowing about 3 people who liked scrapbooking. After my first parties and workshops, I ended up hooking my best friend and her mom, as well as several other of my friends who had never tried it before. And 5 years later, they all still love doing it. Had I not shown them this love of mine, they never would have found out how much they love it too.

Jean, who I met when I became a consultant, and my best friend Jackie and her mom Candy
- people I shared my passion with and who I now can't get rid of. :)

Now, it's true that not everyone will take to your passion. My mom tried it and found out it just wasn't for her - and that's fine. But I think when you love something, it's important to at least show those people you care about a glimpse of it. 

New friends Devona, Pat and Janice, along with my Aunt Janet, who's been coming
to my workshops since I started

I love helping people host parties, and I always try to remind them that it's good to invite everyone they know and not just the people who already like paper crafting. I make sure my Close To My Heart parties are fun for everyone - whether you're a beginner or have some experience. I believe these gatherings are a chance to share what you love with the people you care about. And who knows, you may just spark that passion in someone you didn't even expect. 

Of course, the other big reason to have a gathering is to get all that free product. And that's why I'm writing this post - during January, all gatherings that reach $350 or higher can earn an additional $30 in free product! So why not host a party, share your passion with everyone you know, and along the way, earn some extra free goodies? 

My calendar is filling up fast.  Contact me ASAP to schedule your in-home gathering (847-695-0168,  If you are local and want to host a gathering in your home, I have the following dates available:

  • Thursday evening, January 15
  • Saturday afternoon, January 17
  • Thursday evening, January 22

If you are long-distance and would like to get gathering orders from your friends that can also count as a gathering order.  Contact me and we'll get it set up (847-695-0168,

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Jacqueline Lehnertz said...

I am so glad you shared this passion with me! I have truly enjoyed it. Also, I was wondering why you always share photos where I'm making weird faces or looking awkward, but then I realized it's not you.