Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sharing the Awesomeness of Team Meetings

Team meetings are one of my favorite things about being a Close To My Heart consultant. I get to go to meetings that my upline hosts (her team is the Rose Blossoms), and I hold my own meetings for my team (the Sweet Tweets). I recently went to a Rose Blossom team meeting, and it was such an amazing experience. This group is truly phenomenal.

Our meeting was at the end of January, so we exchanged Valentines and gifts. One of my favorite gifts was actually for my husband - the wonderful Kristina saw my post on Fred and got him a beer tasting kit. Needless to say, Fred was happy I went to the meeting as well. :) 

Our Rose Blossom meetings are in Minnesota, so my fellow consultant, Margot, and I drive up together. I have such a blast talking with her - we always have so much to share.

Getting to hang out with my fellow teammates is the best part about going to team meetings. And a close second is all the crafting. :) We always have a creative project followed by plenty of time to crop. This time Brenda gave us an awesome year-long project - a My Crush book dedicated to our team. I filled my first pages with Valentines from my fellow Rose Blossoms, a beautiful award given to me by Brenda, and plenty of journaling. 

The most amazing part of the meeting for me was when Brenda gave me these bracelets as a gift for all my hard work building my business. They're special on their own, but it's the charms that she put on them that make them truly beautiful. My former upline, Regina, used StarStamps as her name and put stars on everything she did. Regina had to step down due to health issues, but she has remained a friend and a constant source of inspiration and encouragement for me. So to see her symbol on these bracelets means so much to me.

I'll be having my own Illinois team meeting in March, and I would love to have you be a part of that. Getting the awesome discount is only a part of it - hanging out with fellow crafters, getting time to create, learning new techniques, and finding out about everything a month before everyone else are just some of the perks. On top of that, during March, everyone who signs up gets a FREE shoulder tote with their New Consultant Kit. Plus, if you sell $300 within your first 40 days, you get the rolling tote FREE as well! 

Want to learn more? Email me at - I'd love to tell you all about it!

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