Monday, February 23, 2015

ShinHan Touch Alcohol Marker Technique Class

As promised, I am now offering a ShinHan Touch alcohol marker technique class for those of you in the area. This is an introduction to using alcohol markers - I'll go over basic techniques that will allow you to get those most out of a few markers. 

Where: My house (South Elgin, IL)
When: Saturday, March 28th at 2pm
Cost: 1 Colorless Blender and 2 ShinHan Touch markers (let me know what shade you want, and I'll choose the markers that will coordinate best) - $20

To sign up, simply email me at - and hurry, there are only 2 spots left!

What will we do during the class? Color, color, color! I will teach you four techniques and you will have plenty of time to practice each one. Once you're feeling comfortable, you'll then be able to make technqiue cards showing how to do each technique, and you'll leave with colored squares you can use on your own cards (just like I did with my card posts this month!)

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Lynn said...

Oh how I wish I could come! Sounds like a great workshop.