Friday, March 13, 2015

Why I Love Being a Consultant - Convention

The awesome March sign-up special got me thinking about when I first signed up as a Close To My Heart consultant 6 years ago. I did it because I wanted that fantastic discount (that's why most of us do it!) But I stayed because it became so much more than a way to get awesome products at a discount. 

During the next few weeks, I'm going to share why I love being a consultant through stories and photos. Today's favorite? The amazing Close To My Heart annual Convention!

So, what is Convention? Well, take thousands of crazy and passionate papercrafters, get them together at Disney, give them an awesome reveal of all the new upcoming products from the annual catalog, and throw a bunch of free product and artwork at them, and watch the fun begin!

The last time I went to Convention, it was in Disneyland, and I went with three of my fellow teammates. We're going back to Disneyland this year, and I'll be going with some new teammates. Plus, it's always wonderful to meet people I've gotten to know through Facebook and their blogs.

Close To My Heart pulls out all the stops when it comes to giving away prizes - there's games, contents and of course lots of drawings! 

Another big perk is that they load us down with all sorts of free goodies from the new catalog, then give us plenty of time to make fun projects with them! I loved all our creative sessions, along with all the artwork fellow consultants showcased to help get our creative juices flowing.

The best part of all is the incredible fun I had with my fellow consultants. Whether it was squealing over all the new products, dressing up for a contest, sharing ideas, hanging out at Disney, or just getting to know more about each other, I loved all our time together.

If you'd love to join us at this amazing event, why not consider signing up? Thanks to March's sign-up special, this is one incredible time to join! For more info, feel free to contact me at, or click here to sign up.

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Lynn said...

I am so glad I changed my mind and decided to go this year. I cannot wait to meet you! Your work inspires me so much!