Friday, May 15, 2015

A Personal Challege

Like every other crafter out there, I have a Pinterest board filled with photos and projects that inspire me. 

Along with that, I've started to fill an actual bulletin board with inspiring clips. I like having them right in front of me, challenging me to try something new. 

And then there's that third space - the back of my mind. There's always something I'm just aching to try, but for whatever reason (fear, time, uncertainty), I can't get myself to do it. 

I've wanted to make this mixed media project that Close To My Heart featured on their blog last year:

I want to make my own - show a part of myself on canvas using my favorite medium.

I'm hoping that by putting it out there, I take up the challenge and let myself try something new.

And what about you? What keeps pressing at the back of your mind to try? What new challenge do you want to take on?


Shelly Nemitz said...

I've always loved these. I'd love to try it too but there are sooooo many other things!!

Marg Van Patten said...

I just love this Morgan! I keep taking another look only to discover new details each time. Thanks for sharing this and have a fabulous weekend!

Lynn said...

This is amazing! Love it. Can't wait to meet you soon!