Friday, August 7, 2015

Introducing Artistry Pt. 1: Themes - Happy Birthday Bag

When I first get my hands on one of our new cartridges, the first thing I do is flip through the booklet to see what the different creative features are. Like all of our cartridges, Artistry has 700 images, and each is broken down into one of seven groups:
  • 1 - Font (very playful, plus additional images, 100 total)
  • 2 and 3 - Icons (200 total) 
  • 4 and 5 - Basic Shape with coordinating Layers (200 total)
  • 6 - Banners (100 total)
  • 7 - Backgrounds (100 total)

My first thought when I saw how many images there were was - wow, this is like Art Philosophy 2.0! 

And then I noticed the Backgrounds - these are filled with overlays and borders, just like Artbooking!

And then I realized that each of the 50 pages contains its own theme, like Artiste!

To me, Artistry really is a "best of" our previous cartridges. But with a few added details that really make it special.

So, throughout August, I want to to introduce you to Artistry and to the features I think you'll love to use.


There are 50 themes in the Artistry cartridge - that's 50 ways to celebrate, to decorate, and to commemorate. Whatever card you need to make, whatever memories you want to preserve and whatever gifts you're going to give, Artistry has you covered.

I have 7 birthdays coming up in August. So choosing my theme was way too easy. What do you have coming up? I bet Artistry has the theme you'll need.

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