Monday, February 22, 2016

Charlotte Supplemental Art - Bookmarks

Bookmarks are awesome gifts for book-lovers (I know I love them!), and these are made with leftovers from the Charlotte workshop. If you didn't get the workshop, then all you need is the Charlotte Workshops Your Way kit.

Here are the directions - you can be exact with my measurements or keep it loose with the general guidelines I provide in parentheses.


Bookmark base - Arrows, Black and White Flowers and Multi-Colored Flowers: 2.5 x 6 (or a general bookmark size).

Bookmark center - Champagne design, Grey and White Flowers and Sorbet Dots: 1.5 x 6 (or cut so there's about a half an inch between the center and base).

Light Pink pattern: 0.5 wide and as long as your sentiment (or cut around your sentiment).

Black cardstock: 0.75" circle with 0.25" circle punched in the center (or use a sticker from the Complements and punch a hole through the center).

Put It Together

Stamping: Using Black and Sorbet inks, stamp one large sentiment on the Bookmark center and a smaller sentiment on the Light Pink paper. I used the Springtime Wishes stamp set.

Embellishments: Use a mixture of pop-dotted Complements and Treasured Puffies to embellish, and tie Black and Gold Ribbon through the punched hole.

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