Thursday, August 11, 2016

Flower Market Cartridge - Flowers in a Bottle Card

The new Flower Market Cricut cartridge has so many beautiful flowers and flower holders - I just didn't know where to begin! So I picked the first container I liked and went from there!

Inspiration: The container image I chose! I let that guide the way I placed everything on the card, as well as the flower images I chose. They had to be simple, single-stem flowers to work. The colors came about when I noticed that the bottle color in Design Space looked like Glacier, so I just went with our Whimsy palette

Technique: I used our embossed Kraft cardstock from the Rustic Fundamentals to give the bottle holder a wooden look. And I covered the bottles and flower centers with our Shimmer brush to make them sparkle.

Fun Fact: I'm giving away $20 in free product to those of you who purchase a Flower Market cartridge from me! For details, click here.

Make your own! Click here for the Design Space file.

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